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If you have any questions or would like to speak to a Marketing Representative immediately, please contact Michelle Tichenor-Mukai at 1-800-714-6789 x 7422 or by email at michellet@txsecgen.com


VP Commercial Lines

David Winkley davidw@txsecgen.com

Ext 7440
P&C Underwriter\Supervisor

Darlene Abate darlenea@txsecgen.com

Ext 7486
P&C Underwriter

Karen Jones karenj@txsecgen.com

Ext 7452

P&C Underwriter

Mende Trout mende@txsecgen.com

Ext 7420

P&C Underwriter

Monica Gonzales monicag@txsecgen.com

Ext 7417
P&C Underwriter

Sabas Martinez sabasm@txsecgen.com

Ext 7483

P&C Underwriter

Julia Tijerina juliat@txsecgen.com

Ext 7468

P&C Underwriter (Renewals)

Celia Uribe celiau@txsecgen.com

Ext 7451
P&C Underwriter (Renewals)

Dolores Garcia doloresg@txsecgen.com

Ext 7454
P&C Underwriter (Renewals)

Rosie Mendez rosiem@txsecgen.com  

Ext 7438
P&C Underwriter (Renewals)

Kathy Howie kathyh@txsecgen.com

Ext 7444
P&C Associate

Cara Robinson carar@txsecgen.com

Ext 7401
P&C Associate

Bea Allen belindaa@txsecgen.com

Ext 7441
P&C Associate

Jessica Moore jessicam@txsecgen.com

Ext 7455
P&C Associate

Mary Menchaca mary@txsecgen.com

Ext 7414
P&C Associate

Melanie Williams melaniew@txsecgen.com

Ext 7403
P&C Associate

Susan Stephenson susans@txsecgen.com

Ext 7448
P&C Associate

Veronica Pierce veronicap@txsecgen.com

Ext 7443

Makensie Gilson makensieg@txsecgen.com

Ext 7410
Commercial Lines Technician

David Longoria davidl@txsecgen.com

Ext 7419

Commercial Brokerage Department


Debbie Grimsley debbie@txsecgen.com

Ext 7411
Brokerage Associate

Tyler Haecker tylerh@txsecgen.com

Ext 7484

Personal Lines

VP Personal Lines

Carolyn Fey carolynf@txsecgen.com

Ext 7446
Underwriter - North Texas

Matthew Carroll matthew@txsecgen.com

Ext 7498
Underwriter - South Texas

Erik Samora erik@txsecgen.com

Ext 7473
Underwriter - Southeast Texas, Gulf Coast

Ranise Maynard ranisem@txsecgen.com

Ext 7445
Underwriter - Southeast Texas, Gulf Coast

Jeryl Gates jerylg@txsecgen.com

Ext 7429
Senior Underwriter - HW Agents

Kendra Abercrombie kendraa@txsecgen.com

Ext 7423
Underwriter - HW Agents

Gina Segovia ginas@txsecgen.com

Ext 7453
Underwriter - HW Agents

Stella Casarez stellac@txsecgen.com

Ext 7430
Underwriter - North Texas

Linda Longoria lindal@txsecgen.com

Ext 7434

Senior Associate - South Texas

Martha Dennis martha@txsecgen.com

Ext 7459
Senior Associate - HW Agents

Melissa Alderman melissaa@txsecgen.com

Ext 7416

Cindy Rodriguez cindyr@txsecgen.com

Ext 7435

Accounting - Personal Lines

Director of Accounting

Raina Thompson raina@txsecgen.com

Ext 7463
Senior Staff Accountant

Teresa Escobar teresa@txsecgen.com

Ext 7412
Senior Staff Accountant

Stephanie Rodriguez stephanier@txsecgen.com

Ext 7433
Staff Accountant

Alicia Dale aliciad@txsecgen.com

Ext 7465
Customer Service / Cash Entry

Carmen Castoreno carmenc@txsecgen.com

Ext 7436
Customer Service / Cash Entry

Gabriele McClain gabriele@txsecgen.com

Ext 7421

Accounting - Commercial Lines

Customer Service

Howard Kerby howardk@txsecgen.com

Ext 7442

Network Systems (IT)

Network System Admin

Jason Lee jason@txsecgen.com

Ext 7427
Associate Developer

Karen Rivas karenr@txsecgen.com

Ext 7415
Associate Developer

Abiel Hailemariam abielh@txsecgen.com

Ext 7418
Rating and Programming Support

Roger Guadiano rogerg@txsecgen.com

Ext 7482

Policy Service

Customer Service

Customer Services Specialist

Peggy Grill peggy@txsecgen.com

Ext 7439

TSG Premium Finance, LLC

Premium Finance Manager

Veronica Alcala veronica@txsecgen.com

Ext 7460
TSGPF Associate

Lydia Dalton lydia@txsecgen.com

Ext 7464
TSGPF Associate

Nilza Britton nilzab@txsecgen.com

Ext 7478



Larry Thompson
Senior District Manager larry@txsecgen.com

(806) 438-2741
North Texas, Gulf Coast

Anne Watkins
Senior District Manager anne@txsecgen.com

(817) 689-1130
South Texas

Robert Salinas
Senior District Manager robert@txsecgen.com

(210) 324-7520
Southeast Texas, Gulf Coast

Steve Scholl
Senior District Manager steves@txsecgen.com

(713) 882-2583
Marketing Representative

Stirling Phillips stirlingp@txsecgen.com

(210) 912-3809
Marketing Associate

Michelle Tichenor-Mukai michellet@txsecgen.com

Ext 7422

Claims Management

Claims/Compliance Manager

Sheila Wilkins sheila@txsecgen.com

Ext 7472
Claims Associate

Evelyn Longoria evelyn@txsecgen.com

Ext 7404

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