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Leadership Team

President Don Etheredge           done@txsecgen.com Ext  5801
Vice President Randle Loving     randlel@txsecgen.com Ext 5802

Excess & Surplus Underwriting

Excess & Surplus Underwriter Ashley Hill                ashleyh@txsecgen.com Ext 5821
Excess & Surplus Underwriter Cindy Garvey       cynthiag@txsecgen.com Ext 5817
Excess & Surplus Underwriter Don Goodman  donaldg@txsecgen.com Ext 5808
Excess & Surplus Underwriter Kristy Stiner            kristys@txsecgen.com Ext 5812
Excess & Surplus Associate Courtney Hill    courtneyh@txsecgen.com Ext 5822
Excess & Surplus Associate Laurie Lewis               lauriel@txsecgen.com Ext 5858
Excess & Surplus Associate Kerry Fontaine               kerryf@txsecgen.com Ext 5851

Transportation / Garage Underwriting

Auto/Garage Underwriter Cheryl Etheredge          cheryle@txsecgen.com Ext 5804
Auto/Garage Assistant Debbie Ingram               deborahi@txsecgen.com Ext 5809


Accounting Associate Naaz Harji             naazninh@txsecgen.com Ext 5813


Operations Associate Kristi Webb               kristiw@txsecgen.com Ext 5814

TSG Premium Finance, LLC

Premium Finance Manager Veronica Alcala veronica@txsecgen.com Ext 7460
TSGPF Associate Lydia Dalton          lydia@txsecgen.com Ext 7464


Marketing Associate Michelle Tichenor-Mukai michellet@txsecgen.com Ext 7422


If you have any questions or would like to speak to a Marketing Representative immediately, please contact Michelle Tichenor-Mukai at 1-800-714-6789 x 7422 or by email at michellet@txsecgen.com

Texas Security General
Insurance Agency, LLC.

18545 Sigma Rd., Suite 101
San Antonio, Texas 78258
Phone: 210-764-1233
Toll Free 1-800-714-6789

Contact Us

TSG - Tyler (formerly TCIF)

P.O. Box 7250
Tyler, Texas 75711
Phone: 903-509-0444
Fax: 903-509-0445